Major Update #1

New things in the DEMO VERSION

  • Health Pickups.
  • Full Heal Pickups.
  • Projectile slash - Requires 2 or more POW.
  • POW pickups look nicer.
  • Added misc. special effects.
  • Spinning spike maces.
  •  Bouncing Fireball hazards.
  • Super POW - Collecting a POW crystal while you have 6 already makes you invulnerable and super-fast for 10 seconds.
  • Drop-Blocks - standing on these blocks causes them to drop out from underneath you after a short delay.

New things unique to the SOURCE VERSION:

  • Tons of new art assets - Boss designs, tiles, items, rooms, etc...
  • Ice blocks - These are fully functional blocks. You have less traction and are very slippy while on these blocks.


Super Shinobi Drop.exe 5 MB
Feb 19, 2018
Super Shinobi Drop Source 5 MB
Feb 19, 2018

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