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Super Shinobi Drop is an early work in progress. The goal of this project is to create something that feels like it belongs to the NES-era of action platformers. There's just something so charming about the limited color palette, those lo-fi sound effects, and that old CRT display look. 

How to play:

The current objective is to make it to the end of each level however you can. There will be reward for risk and adventure.  Attack enemies and obstacles with your sword, and avoid traps. Collect POW to increase your attack damage and the effectiveness of your abilities.  Coins can be spent at the shop (not currently implemented). Death resets the game (this will change as I add more levels and save points).

Gameplay Tips:

  • You can use Drop Stab to destroy Skull Blocks and Vases.
  • With POW 5 you can break Skull Blocks instantly with a Drop Stab.
  • With POW 6 you won't take damage from spikes when landing a Drop Stab.

Controls: Requires Gamepad

  • Jump - Press 'A' , hold for high jump.
  • Wall Jump - Hold the DPad in the direction of the Wall and press 'A'.
  • Slash - Press 'X'.
  • Drop Stab - Hold Down on the DPad while in mid-air.
  • Movement - Left and Right on the DPad.
  • Dash - Left Bumper or Right Bumper.
  • Enable / Disable CRT Effect - 'P' Key.
  • Restart the game - Start + Select.
  • Skip to next/ previous room - Select + Left Trigger or Right Trigger
  • Exit Game - Escape Key.

This is something I'll mess around with on the side but, as I find the time I'm going to try to make a real game out of this.  I plan on adding bosses, more moving platforms, more enemy types, a shop to spend coins, new attack variants, and more environment pieces.

~Crambles (Walter Pease)


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This option is for people who want to see how the game was made. You get full access to the project files.  Feel free to use the code in your own projects however, the sprite and sound assets are not allowed to be re-sold, used, or distributed.

Additionally, the CRT effect code is removed from the source as I don't have the rights to sell that asset.

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This is really promising! Is game supposed to go fast and slow at times or it was some kind of bug?

Keep up the good work!!


Thanks! I really liked the video. And yes, the crazy speed increase is a bug. I have no idea what's causing it. If you can tell me which version of windows you're running it on I can look into the problem.

It's not a bug, the game it's tied by the refresh rate of the monitor you run it with. I have a 144hz display and tried to switch to 60hz and the game played just fine. It's the same thing as the latest Devil May Cry port that's why I was able to understand the issue.


Interesting, thanks for that insight!

can you make it WinXP compatible please?

<3 the graphics and sound.  Can't wait to see what this turns into!